NEUF CINQ [nuhf sank]

Award-Winning Talent: Our roster is filled with top commercial directors, each a master of the art of storytelling. We specialize in connecting these visionaries with brands looking to create impactful and engaging advertising campaigns

End-to-End Expertise: From pre-production planning to the final touches, our team of talented producers ensures a seamless process. We handle all aspects meticulously, guaranteeing that every project exceeds expectations.

Cinema-Quality Productions: We don't just make commercials; we craft cinematic experiences. Specializing in large-scale projects, we use cutting-edge techniques and dynamic visuals to create ads that resonate deeply with audiences.

Your Brand, Amplified: At Neuf Cinq, we transform your vision into a cinematic journey, making statements that captivate and connect with consumers.

Discover the Neuf Cinq difference. 

Alexe Laroche
Executive Producer

Zion Lipstein-Saffer
Executive Producer

Joshua Rosenbaum

CEO, Executive Producer

Amit Rakoff-Bellman
Head of Business Development

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